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Rosanna and Brian

Right from the start I knew bringing Sonja on board was beyond the right choice. Our beautiful day could have not been done without her incredible talent, organization, vision, and execution. Her flawless referrals for music, makeup and hair, and her design of our centerpieces and tablescapes were simply tremendous, and her coordination just took such a weight off our shoulders. We had an amazing day and her support in the weeks leading up and the day of made the wedding experience that much better.

Andrea and Jack

"My husband and I planned our own backyard wedding behind our old farmhouse and within our apple trees.  There were so many small and large details involved as the whole occasion was a la carte, so when we considered actually pulling it all together and making it flow as seamlessly as possible we knew we'd need someone who had the combined talents of; extreme organization, a patient and infectiously warm and funny personality, and a helicopter view on occasions as complex as ours.  We looked to Sonja DeGoria Events to help with Day-of coordination, and we were so lucky to have her on board right from the start.  Sonja and her team met with us to walk the property ahead of time; planning timing and logistics.  On the day-of, I was able to hide with my girls, my husband with his guys, knowing that Sonja was making it all come together before we walked the aisle.  She and her team stayed after hours to help break down and secure all of the materials to protect everything from a storm while my hubby and I took off for a mini-honeymoon.  Our guests all commented how lovely Sonja was and were impressed with her warmth and work ethic. This kind of personality, intelligence, and professional dedication to each task is hard to find.  You can be sure to be in good hands if you hire Sonja for any stage of your occasion; planning and/or day-of coordination."

S  ara and Vinny

"Having Sonja as our day-of wedding coordinator was hands down the best decision my wife and I made prior to planning our wedding. We wanted a stress and worry-free wedding day and Sonja worked her magic to make sure that's what happened. It was a perfect wedding day thanks to all her efforts to shield us from anything that could have sidetracked us on our special day. She is a top-notch wedding planner/coordinator and I HIGHLY recommend her for your wedding. It'll be the best money you can spend in your wedding budget. She's the best!!"

Celebration  Paintings

I am a Live Event Painter, and I have a very unique service I offer to clients for a variety of occasions.  Like any vendor or hired talent, I have a big goal of being timely, working hard, and exceeding the expectations of those I have the privilege to work for.  In my case, I am striving to create a live masterpiece painting to document a special moment for those involved in the event.  As a vendor, it makes a whole world of difference to know that I will have a way to get my materials safely and smoothly into and out of a venue, that I will know where I will be able to set up or have some ideas and flexibility around this so I can get the best vantage point and visibility (without being in the way of staff), that I will be fed whenever possible, and that I can focus purely on my work of creating the live painting.  I have worked with Sonja DeGoria Events several times now and in many settings; from a grand Manhattan setting such as Gotham Hall, to the chic rustic coastal country club world of Red Bank.  I have also painted studio works for her clients.  In each occasion, I can rest assured that when working with Sonja and her team I will have a keen sense of the scope and vision of my work, and I can focus on my work knowing that everything else has been taken care of.  Working with Sonja makes everything just a little sweeter, more fun, and all the more streamlined. 

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